How To Delete A Tweet – Using Twitter Feed OR HootSuite

By PickalineDesigns on January 19th In Social Media
photo credit: TarikB via photopin cc

photo credit: TarikB via photopin cc

So you just crafted the perfect Tweet  and OOPS – there’s a spelling (or some other error).  Here’s how to delete a tweet in a pinch! You can delete Tweets directly from your news feed, or if you are a Hootsuite user, you can do it straight from your console.

How To Delete A Tweet – From Twitter

1.  Sign in to your Twitter Account.

2. Visit your profile by clicking the “ME” link at the upper right of your screen.


3. Hover over the Tweet to be deleted and click the “Delete” link.  Crisis averted!


How To Delete A Tweet – From Hootsuite

1.  Make sure that you have your a Feed Tab set up for Sent Tweets.

2. Check your feed and hover your mouse pointer over the Tweet to be deleted.

3. A trash can icon will appear.  Click the trash can and voila!  Gone!

Screenshot 2014-01-19 11.13.56

Will deleted Tweets still exist out there?

Your deleted Tweets will be removed from others’ news feeds so they will not see a duplicate or unwanted Tweet. As of 2009, deleted Tweets are no longer showing up in search results, and sites that archived deleted tweets have been eliminated (according to TechCrunch).  However remember – nothing is fool proof, so it’s best to think before you Tweet!

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